About   Livery   Leads
Our goal is to make you money!

We started out as operators of PartyBusDetroit.com LLC in the Detroit area and continue to operate and grow. Shortly after beginning our business we realized the value and necessity of leads. After successfully finding the equation to generate our own phone call and email leads, we also realized that some of our affiliates and other operators needed help with marketing.

We to decided to make an effort to market sites on domains we acquired in other areas. We now have more premium domain websites online than anyone else in the limousine and party bus industry.

We are constantly building our network of websites and expanding into new territories. We consistently work to increase our volume of leads in the cities we are already providing leads in. Unlike many fly by night SEO companies who promise the world and deliver nothing, we can provide proof of what we are offering. The results will be provided to you before you even consider signing up.

We do not believe in long contracts. We bill monthly and do not require any commitment, other than asking you to pay for the advertising you use. You are welcome to cancel at any time with ten days notice before the end of the billing cycle.

We supply a product that is worth every penny and more. Our product is priced very competitively when compared to our competition. We prefer to develop a long term business relationship with our clients, as opposed to gouging and making capital in the short term.

Give us a call, you won't be disappointed.