We charge based on call volume. We charge a monthly flat rate based off of previous month call volumes. Your price will not go up unless your monthly lead volume goes up.

We have our own phone number that the clients will see on our websites to call. The call will ring right to your phone and we can display our phone number when they call. You simply save our phone number in your contacts and you will know when we are sending you calls. This will help you track if our leads are sending you any reservations or not. Emails will be forwarded the same way.

We accept all major credit cards. We bill at the beginning of each month and you receive an invoice and payment receipt when we do.

We prefer to use actual photos of your vehicles on our websites. That way when the clients call for service they are actually looking at the vehicles in your fleet. This helps prevent disappointed clients. This is why most brokers are known for bait and switch.

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